Say “I Love You” With A Photo

Nothing says “I Love You” more than cherished photos of your kids, family, pet or significant other. Capturing the bond between family members, either human or pet is something I am absolutely passionate about.  Photos will be around for decades to come, in fact probably forever so not only do my clients enjoy the meaning of photographic memories, their kids do too and their grand kids will in the future.

We have gift certificates available for the special someone in your life.  Feel free to let us know what you’d like to do or if you need ideas for a great family, kid or pet photography session – or a combination of all of these!



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Why I Love Black and White

I have to say first of all that I love both color and black and white images pretty much equally.  I love color images because color shows us everything we need to know, the color of hair, clothing, trees, eyes, etc.  And color can look so beautiful in a large image on a wall.

But I also love black and white.  It brings out the simplicity of an image, the simple emotions and the simple things that are happening in that moment.  It is also great to use black and white for images with distracting backgrounds or clothing.  I also love black and white as it reminds me of old family photographs.  I have boxes of them and never tire of looking through them.  A large black and white print or canvas on a wall looks great too.

Here are some of my favorite black and white images from pet and family portrait sessions.


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New Backgrounds

A couple of weeks ago while taking dog photos at Longmont Humane Society, I was faced with super bright sunlight or a bush that was partially dead. So I looked around for a new background and found that the sidewalk and wall of the building would make a simple and neutral gray background.  I like the effect and the dogs really pop out.  As an added benefit, it was close to the dog kennels so I was able to take more dog photos than normal in a short period of time.  Dog photography can be challenging but mostly a lot of fun and photographing shelter dogs to help them find homes is super rewarding.


Mrs. Pibb (above)


Lamar (above)


Lola (above)


Jeff )above)


Lamar (above)


Lola (above) feeling a little shy at first, came around and was a great dog model!


Marsha Steckling, owner of Evie Photography is a family, kids and pet photographer based in Boulder Colorado and photographs homeless dogs for Longmont Humane Society to help them find forever homes.  She is available for private commissions in Boulder, Longmont, Denver, Louisville, Lafayatte and surrounding areas.


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Bianca’s Pet Photography Session

This week I had a photo session with Bianca, a young English Mastiff.  She is about six months old and weighs around 50 pounds.   I expected to have all kinds of crazy puppy energy,  but not with Bianca. She was calm and focused on me and my dog handler, ready to do whatever we asked of her.  We treated her often and gave her lots of praise with some breaks in between sets.  She is a super smart gal, with gorgeous looks to match!  I even got a photo of her with her two friends Meiko and Quinn.boulder-denver-dog-photographer-evie-photography-1046boulder-denver-pet-photographer-evie-photography-1001boulder-denver-pet-photographers-evie-photography-1013-bwboulder-denver-pet-photographers-evie-photography-1035boulder-dog-photographer-evie-photography-1049boulder-pet-photographer-evie-photography-1057boulder-pet-photographer-evie-photography-1066

Check out my facebook page here.

boulder, denver, pet photographer

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Halloween Pet Photo Fundraiser in Boulder with RE/MAX.

In October I was invited by Laurie Kaufman of RE/MAX to join forces with her to do a fundraiser for Longmont Humane Society.  She would bring her clients with dogs in to the office where we set up a photography studio and I would photograph them for Halloween. It was a great success!  Many people came with their dogs, and even one cat for photos, although none of the animals were thrilled about wearing costumes. I took lots of pet photos and gave out lots of treats and I received lots of tail wags, licks and kisses.






Eager to Pose for the Camera!


Serious Old Guy




Will work for Treats!




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Hearts Speak – a great article about a great organization.



This is a really well written article by Scott Smith of Consumers Advocate, located in Puerto Rico. Click here to read the article.

The article is about Hearts Speak, an organization that I am a member of that connects artists like photographers, videographers, painters, graphic designers, etc. to animal shelters to help get pets adopted, among other great projects.

This kind of organization needs this kind of well deserved praise and exposure.  There is a lot to say about but I will say  no more……..  just read the article and you will be thoroughly educated on why Hearts Speak exists and why they are making a difference in the animal rescue world.



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Some New Faces and some Old Faces

Here are some new faces and some old faces at Longmont Humane Society.  A couple of these dogs were adopted before we even had a chance to post their photos, like Randall here.  Most dogs do get adopted quickly, but once in awhile you have dogs like Blanca and Grace who take longer to find their forever homes.  It’s not their fault though.  It’s usually just because they don’t get along well with other dogs or cats. Otherwise, they are perfectly loving and personable dogs. I’m glad I volunteer at a shelter that gives them all the time in the world to find their perfect match!



















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Little Stinkers

I had lots of little dogs to photograph yesterday at Longmont Humane Society!  One Miniature Poodle and several mixed Chi’s provided lots of entertainment for the photography team.  A few of them were quite shy – all were adorable! Shown below are: Albert, Baxter, Bryant, Cinnabun, Donny Jackson and Taco. If you’d like to scoop one up, visit them at


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New Summer Background

This summer I had a new background made for my outdoor dog photo sessions at the shelter.  My outdoor options there are challenging because I have harsh mid morning sunlight with very little shade and the green bush I had been using as a background is now dying and not looking so good. So my brother, a very talented carpenter, put together a “fence” so I could produce a “dog in the back yard” kind of look. Here are a few samples of the new background.  The fence took an afternoon to make and cost around $40.


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Sitting Pretty

Today at the shelter I photographed this boy, Koda.  He is quite photogenic and we discovered he knew a few tricks like sit, down, shake and sit pretty.  It’s really fun to find out these things while creating dog portraits.  These are things we didn’t know before but now we can this info with potential adopters.  Since he was so good in front of the camera, we showered him with flower petals for some extra fun shots.



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