I’m Afraid of Puppies….Well Kinda…

It’s not often you get to photograph puppies in a shelter so when I do, my first response is “Oh, how cute!”  My second response is, “Wait a minute, puppies are so outta control this is gonna be rough”.  This little guy proved me wrong!  Monty was so playful and energetic, but anytime I needed him to look at the camera, he posed.  Amazing!    Enjoy your daily dose of cute!

blog8h-logo And here are some other very cooperative pooches.  Yesterday’s session at Longmont Humane was one very willing, photogenic dog after another.blog7-logo

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2 Responses to I’m Afraid of Puppies….Well Kinda…

  1. Cathy says:

    I am a volunteer photographer at my local shelter– I take simple, good pictures using toys & balls as props. I’d like to go further with interesting and fun shots. I love the collar/neck pieces you have on your dogs–how or where can I find those? And the flowers? I love your pictures!

    • eviephoto says:

      Hi Cathy, Thank you for your compliment and the work you do for your shelter! My mother and I make the collars. We pick up flowers at craft stores and attach them to clips, stretchy material or collars that my mother has knitted. I have seen them already made and for sale on Etsy. Hope that helps! Marsha

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