Photo Exhibit – Now Showing!


“The Wonder Dogs of Longmont Humane Society” is now on display at Cafe Luna, a coffee shop in an old historic house with a great front porch.  Here’s the scoop:  July 2 – July 28, 2013  at Cafe Luna – 800 Coffman St., Longmont, Colorado.  Come in and check out all of the Wonder Dogs and enjoy a latte or an iced tea!  Prints are for sale and greeting cards of the Wonder Dogs are also available at Cafe Luna.   A portion of all profits will be donated to Longmont Humane Society.

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2 Responses to Photo Exhibit – Now Showing!

  1. Lisa Rose says:

    My family adopted Porgy in November and he has been the best dog we have ever had! He loves playing with our six girls and even loves his dog brothers and sister now. Lesson- never judge a dog by his past, you might just pass up the best dog ever 🙂

    • eviephoto says:

      Thank you Lori! I just sent you an email saying how much Porgy was loved by everyone at the shelter – it’s great to get an update. Thanks for giving him such a great home!

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