Diverse Group of Dogs Today

DiverseYesterday I had quite the diverse group of dogs to photograph.  Out of eight dogs, two were senior citizens, one was deaf and one had only three legs, often referred to as a tripod.  It was great to meet each dog with its’ individual personality.  Lexi, the white dog in the upper left, was deaf. She was full of energy and untrained.  My mom waved a bright green ribbon over my head to get her attention toward the camera.  Lady, the tan dog in the upper right was a tripod.  She was so sweet, affectionate and loving she was adopted before I made it home to upload her photo!  The two dogs on the bottom were both senior citizens, well trained, and just wanted to hang out with us.  I don’t usually put hats on dogs but since I had this old lady hat I just couldn’t resist!

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Wedding and portrait photographer in Boulder, Colorado
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