Dog Photo – Take 2!

KaneupdateThis photo series was a good reminder to review your images and re-do them if needed.  Kane had been at Longmont Humane Society for quite a while even though he had a nice, artistic photo on his profile.  He did look a bit thin and kinda sad.  So, I re-took his photo and found that he had gained some weight and had become playful (although he could use some help with his ball catching skills).  A few days later he was adopted!  Another dog whose photo I re-took was also adopted and the adopter said that he did in fact notice the photo on the shelter website.  I’d like to think that the new photo helped Kane find a home, even if just a little bit!

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2 Responses to Dog Photo – Take 2!

  1. Meeka says:

    Hello! I’m the person who adopted Kane and I just wanted to thank you for taking his pictures 😀 He’s currently snoozing on the couch (we lost the battle for keeping him off the furniture) and although I’m afraid he hasn’t gotten any better at catching balls, he’s a happy guy who gets a ton of snuggles and has been a wonderful, goofy, sweet and well trained addition to the family 😀

    • eviephoto says:

      Thank you so much for adopting Kane and giving him a wonderful home! He’s such a beautiful boy. I’m glad you found each other, and the couch! I’d love to hear more updates on Kane in the future. Thanks for reading my blog and reaching out! Enjoy the holidays, Marsha

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