Dogs Overcoming Obstacles

trio dogsI had a great variety of pups to photograph yesterday at Longmont Humane Society.  Lily, on the left, was super shy because of deep seeded fears, but tried really hard to explore anyway.  She is a Giant Schnauzer and just gorgeous!  Hank, in the middle, was missing his leg after having it amputated due to an injury.  He could jump as high as my head to catch a ball and walked as if he didn’t know he was missing a leg.  Twilight, on the right, was a beautiful, gracious dog of almost 10 years yet full of energy and smiles.  It always amazes me to see dogs overcome what we would consider their issues or disabilities.

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1 Response to Dogs Overcoming Obstacles

  1. Joyce Glorso says:

    We could certainly learn a lot from our furry friends.

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