Little Red Riding Hood – October 2014

My dog Jackie views dressing up in costumes akin to agility training.  He was born a feral dog in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina hit and has overcome many obstacles of being a fearful dog.  So, when we go out on photo excursions and dress up, he is challenged with figuring out what we are doing and what I want from him, as well as “what I am wearing?”.  It does not stress him out and in fact he loves the many treat rewards he gets during our sessions.  He often tries on costumes for me that I create for the shelter dogs to wear during various photo shoots throughout the year.  Here is Jackie’s most recent session, which we shot over 3 different days.  Little Red Riding Hood.  I’ll post a few photos soon of his brother Jesse in his super hero Halloween costume.

LRRH 01-fb LRRH 02-fb LRRH 03-fb LRRH 04-fb LRRH 05-fb LRRH 07-fb LRRH 08-fbA

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