Photographing High Energy Dogs in the Shelter



Photographing high energy dogs in a shelter environment can be challenging.  It can be hard to get them to sit and focus long enough for you to take a good photograph since they have just come out of their kennel and need to run off some steam.  We however have limited time in which to get our photographs. When we get a dog like this, we use his personality and energy to our advantage and capture fun and whimsical images along the way. This handsome guy Walker, is always loaded with energy, but he responds well to being asked to engage in an activity.  My handler worked with Walker by running him around the room on his leash asking him to focus on her while giving him treats.  We then made a game out of treat catching. We had him sit and catch treats which he thoroughly enjoyed! Finally after 20 minutes or so, he was happy to give a nice pose for the camera.

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