This Shelter Dogs’ Life


This is Porgy.  I have photographed him four times over the past several years (maybe five years?).  He is one of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever met.  Porgy came to Longmont Humane Society after spending nine months in a Chicago shelter while his owner was awaiting trial.  Porgy had been neglected, abused and abandoned.  LHS is well known for their training program so the Chicago shelter wanted to send him there, to help rehabilitate him.  Porgy was a great student and learned many things to help him be a good dog for the right family.

It took awhile to find a home for Porgy because he does not like other dogs.  He does however love children.  Sadly he was adopted and returned several times, for reasons not having to do with him.  I believe that over a five year period, he was adopted and brought back three times.  Porgy is now nine years old and waiting for his next family to come and get him – hopefully for keeps this time.

What amazes me about him is his on-going positive attitude.  He is always smiling, happy to see anyone who wants to say hello or take him for a walk.  And each time he comes back to the shelter he doesn’t get sad and depressed.  He smiles and wags his tale, seemingly happy to see old friends and looking forward to his next stop.  We so hope his next stop will be his last stop and that it is the best home any dog could ever hope for.


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