New Backgrounds

A couple of weeks ago while taking dog photos at Longmont Humane Society, I was faced with super bright sunlight or a bush that was partially dead. So I looked around for a new background and found that the sidewalk and wall of the building would make a simple and neutral gray background.  I like the effect and the dogs really pop out.  As an added benefit, it was close to the dog kennels so I was able to take more dog photos than normal in a short period of time.  Dog photography can be challenging but mostly a lot of fun and photographing shelter dogs to help them find homes is super rewarding.


Mrs. Pibb (above)


Lamar (above)


Lola (above)


Jeff )above)


Lamar (above)


Lola (above) feeling a little shy at first, came around and was a great dog model!


Marsha Steckling, owner of Evie Photography is a family, kids and pet photographer based in Boulder Colorado and photographs homeless dogs for Longmont Humane Society to help them find forever homes.  She is available for private commissions in Boulder, Longmont, Denver, Louisville, Lafayatte and surrounding areas.


About eviephoto

Wedding and portrait photographer in Boulder, Colorado
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