The Covid Days

I call these days The Covid Days.

Like I’m sure it has been for you, life has been different since the virus forced us into social distancing and staying at home.  I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing while staying at home.

The first week, I didn’t do much of anything. I felt tired and like I just couldn’t really breathe.  I was feeling the loss of my community and feeling terrible for the local businesses that would suffer and the isolation that people would feel.

But the second week I decided I needed to get organized and set a new schedule to make sure I was being productive and get to some of the things that I didn’t normally get to.

So I divide my day into several parts: 1. Exercise, 2. Work for my Business, 3. Household Project, 4. Creative Project Without My Camera, 5. Walk the Dog Twice Daily, 6. Read, and 7. Rest. Grocery shopping would happen once per week, rather than two to three times per week.

Most days I get all of these done, although some days I miss one or two of these options – usually the creative project or house project.

Here are some photos to show you what I’ve been up to.

Ray and I baked homemade, gluten and dairy free donuts.  They turned out pretty well!  If you really like food photos, I also started a new food photography Instagram page here.



Work!  I’ve been working on a new website and it will launch very soon!



I’m creating a coloring book made from photos I take of shelter dogs at Longmont Humane Society.



Dabbling in different types of media while maintaining “art challenges” virtually with my granddaughter.  I pick a topic one week, she picks a topic the next week.



We order out one time per week from our favorite restaurant to support them during such difficult times.  This meal is from Shine Restaurant in Boulder.  A totally gluten free restaurant that also serves potions like Fairy Bubbles.



These are the Shine sisters….. Masked up for curbside service.



I sewed 15 masks for friends and family.



Window washing!evie-photography-boulder-portrait-825


Organized the utility closet.evie-photography-boulder-portrait-329


Exercise.  Les Mills Body Pump videos twice a week and Zumba or bike ride three times per week.  Notice the lazy dog in the background?



Reading daily.  Usually at bed time.



In a long line at the grocery store.



Ray checking out our groceries.



And, the occasional photo of Jackie!


About eviephoto

Wedding and portrait photographer in Boulder, Colorado
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