This is a blog about photographing shelter pets in a creative, artistic way to help them find forever homes.  Studies show that better photos help shelter pets get adopted quicker and create a better portrayal of the shelter that one may visit.

My name is Marsha Steckling, owner of Evie Photography.  You can visit my website at www.evie-photo.com.  I have been providing shelters with pet portraits since 2007.

I fell in love with dogs after volunteering at  Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) in 2007.  Although it was two years after Hurricane Katrina, many dogs and cats were still roaming the streets and shelters were overcrowded.  I adopted my two dogs Jackie and Jesse, who were feral for two years, from ARNO in 2007.

It was soon after, that I started photographing shelter pets as well as creating pet portraits for families.  Jackie and Jesse are my daily inspiration and remind that no obstacle is too hard to overcome.  Most of my shelter pet portraits are done at Longmont Humane Society.  I venture out to others shelters once a year or so to help in other areas of the state or country, such as ARNO.  I also create family portraits, children’s portraits and baby portraits.

In May 2013 I was accepted as a member of HeARTs Speak.  Their mission is “to save the lives of animals in need by supporting artists, animal welfare organizations and communities”.  I am honored to be a member of this group and I look forward to helping more animals!



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  1. Joy says:

    Love you girl!

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