Jesse – The Super Hero Underdog

Jessie is dressed up in his super hero underdog costume for Halloween.  Like his brother Jackie, (see Little Red Riding Hood Post) dressing up is challenging in that it makes him think and try to figure out what we are doing.  He gets lots of treats and brain stimulation when dressing up. (don’t be fooled by his frown, he rarely smiles for the camera!).

IMG_9222x IMG_9258x

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Little Red Riding Hood – October 2014

My dog Jackie views dressing up in costumes akin to agility training.  He was born a feral dog in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina hit and has overcome many obstacles of being a fearful dog.  So, when we go out on photo excursions and dress up, he is challenged with figuring out what we are doing and what I want from him, as well as “what I am wearing?”.  It does not stress him out and in fact he loves the many treat rewards he gets during our sessions.  He often tries on costumes for me that I create for the shelter dogs to wear during various photo shoots throughout the year.  Here is Jackie’s most recent session, which we shot over 3 different days.  Little Red Riding Hood.  I’ll post a few photos soon of his brother Jesse in his super hero Halloween costume.

LRRH 01-fb LRRH 02-fb LRRH 03-fb LRRH 04-fb LRRH 05-fb LRRH 07-fb LRRH 08-fbA

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Dogs Overcoming Obstacles

trio dogsI had a great variety of pups to photograph yesterday at Longmont Humane Society.  Lily, on the left, was super shy because of deep seeded fears, but tried really hard to explore anyway.  She is a Giant Schnauzer and just gorgeous!  Hank, in the middle, was missing his leg after having it amputated due to an injury.  He could jump as high as my head to catch a ball and walked as if he didn’t know he was missing a leg.  Twilight, on the right, was a beautiful, gracious dog of almost 10 years yet full of energy and smiles.  It always amazes me to see dogs overcome what we would consider their issues or disabilities.

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You Can’t Get An Old Girl Down

This is Bugsy, an amazing 11 year old gal that I just photographed at Longmont Humane Society.  She was surrendered due to an infection in her leg that was caused by a bandage that was too tight on her foot.  LHS took care of her but unfortunately had to amputate her leg.  Bugsy is running around like nothing happened!  Her foster mom, also an employee of the shelter, brought her in to have her “ready to adopt” photo taken and asked to be in a few photos.  I happily included her and you can see the love!!  Her foster mom wanted a few photos to remember Bugsy as she cannot adopt her – too many dogs in the house already!  But she really loves her and wanted a few photos.  She found Bugsy to be great with her 1 and 3 year old kids as well as other dogs.  Bugsy has an all around big smile to share with everyone!


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No One Told Carmen She is Nine Years Old

carmen collage

No one told Carmen she is 9 years old.  She was so fun to photograph as she was full of energy yet gentle when she wasn’t chasing the ball.  She was just as happy to snuggle with me and hang out.  Carmen is at


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Fall Photos!


Fall 13 DogsI love photographing in the fall.  The colors are amazing and dogs love to play in the leaves.  They love the smells and textures and playfulness that fall leaves bring.  Hoping to get another week or two of fall photos.

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Longmont Humane Society – 18 Days After the Flood

LHS adoptables 092913These faces are of adoptable dogs that are looking for forever homes.  Things are starting to get back to normal at the shelter 18 days after the devastating flood that recently hit Boulder County.  LHS took in over 165 evacuated animals: dogs, cats and even a goose.  They provided safe housing for these pets while their owners who lost their homes, could re-group and find new living situations.  Sixty six pets are still at the shelter – waiting to be reunited with their families.  I’m not posting photos of evacuated animals to respect their privacy but rather these animals who need new homes with new families.

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Belle – A Great Gal in Massachusetts

BelleBelle is a senior citizen living with a couple of friends of mine in Massachusetts.  I was happy to photograph her and hang out with her for a few days.  She has such an up beat personality, is such a happy dog and just loves to hang out with her people.  New visitors get greeted by Belle as she shows them each of her toys and takes them on a tour of the living room.

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Dog Photo – Take 2!

KaneupdateThis photo series was a good reminder to review your images and re-do them if needed.  Kane had been at Longmont Humane Society for quite a while even though he had a nice, artistic photo on his profile.  He did look a bit thin and kinda sad.  So, I re-took his photo and found that he had gained some weight and had become playful (although he could use some help with his ball catching skills).  A few days later he was adopted!  Another dog whose photo I re-took was also adopted and the adopter said that he did in fact notice the photo on the shelter website.  I’d like to think that the new photo helped Kane find a home, even if just a little bit!

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Diverse Group of Dogs Today

DiverseYesterday I had quite the diverse group of dogs to photograph.  Out of eight dogs, two were senior citizens, one was deaf and one had only three legs, often referred to as a tripod.  It was great to meet each dog with its’ individual personality.  Lexi, the white dog in the upper left, was deaf. She was full of energy and untrained.  My mom waved a bright green ribbon over my head to get her attention toward the camera.  Lady, the tan dog in the upper right was a tripod.  She was so sweet, affectionate and loving she was adopted before I made it home to upload her photo!  The two dogs on the bottom were both senior citizens, well trained, and just wanted to hang out with us.  I don’t usually put hats on dogs but since I had this old lady hat I just couldn’t resist!

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